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My Work Showcase

Hello. I chose the book The Summer I turned Pretty because I love that book. I also chose it because it was an easy read. With easy reads you can twist and turn them however you want to. In my portfolio I have 10 genres. The first genre is the letter to Taylor. I chose to do a letter because Taylor isn't in the first book much but she is Belly's best friend and important to her. The next genre I chose was an invitation to the Debutante Ball. I chose this genre because Belly being in the Debutante ball is important to herself. It shows that Belly is finally growing up and becoming a woman. Another genre I did was an advertisement. I did an ad because in the book Conrad gets Belly an infinity necklace for her birthday. Belly remembered that Conrad said infinity meant everlasting love. The ad was supposed to show what would have led Conrad to buy the necklace for Belly. The next genre is social media. I decided to do social media to give an idea of what each character was like. Whether they were isolated like Conrad or energetic like Jeremiah. Each post and caption showed who they really were. Another genre I did was a Job application. I chose a job application because in the book Jeremiah and Steven get a job at the County Club. I chose Jeremiah as the person the job application was about because you would be able to see more of who he is. The next genre I did was a dialogue conversation. I chose a dialogue conversation between Adam and Susannah because in the book they have a big fight during the 4th of July and I wanted to bring that to life. Another genre I did was journal entries. I chose journal entries because i wanted the person ready the entries to be able to feel and understand what Belly was thinking and feeling. The next genre I did was a post card. I chose a post card because Belly doesn't express how she feels about her dad and I wanted to show the love she has. Another genre I did was a contest entry. I chose a contest entry because in the book they have a sand volleyball tournament to raise money for any fundraiser. I wanted to design and create (using my imagination) what they flyers would look like. Lastly, I chose a timeline. I chose a timeline because I like to see the order of events that went down. It also helps with the other genres I chose and creates a layout of the book for the reader.

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